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Proverbs  -- Isaiah

Proverbs   Ecclesiates   Song of Solomon  Isaiah


Advice From A Father- 3:1-12

Worship and reverence for God have become, for many, a lower priority.
Irreverence is characteristic.
Nothing is considered sacred or holy.
Disrespect has become characteristic in a large number of our schools, with the cause going right
back to the homes in which children live.
This lack of respect finds expression in the loss of manners, the prevalence of rudeness,
an infatuation with violence and crime, and a distorted use of God's great gift of human sexuality.
It is in this climate that we face our greatest challenge.
Every parent or grandparent, worthy of this gift of life, wants his or her child to be effective,
to live well, to be successful in the finest sense of the word.
It is this yearning that leaps out from tour text from the Book of Proverbs....More

Who Do You Trust?- 3:5-6

We can trust in God, or we can trust in ourselves.
We can depend on God for the resources to deal with life and its problems, or we can depend
on our own resources.
When we face death, we can depend on our own resources or we can depend on God.
Which do you think will get us to heaven....More

Acknowledge Him
Proverbs 3:6

A Godly Father- 4:1

The present economic system has somewhat deemphasized the importance of Dad.
Among the very poor, various governmental social agencies have become the provider
and in many of the affluent families a portion of the income is a result of the wife's earnings.
From a Biblical standpoint, man was created for something more than
"bringing home the bacon."...More

Mothers, Blessing Or Blight- 4:23

Many here can thank God that had a praying, Bible reading mother who showed you love
and took you to Sunday school and church, and taught you what was important.
Such mothers are blessings!
"Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her
(Proverbs 31: 28) ...

Learn From The Ants
Proverbs 6:6-8
The Sluggard
Proverbs 6:6-15

Heavenly Banking
Prov. 11:24-26, 28

Genuine Joy
Proverbs 14:13

Threats To Our Nation- 14:34

Probably most Americans think that our kind of government is a democracy.
We do not have a democracy.
In our pledge allegiance to the flag, we pledge allegiance "to the republic for which it stands,"
not "the democracy."
We are a republic.
We are governed by law -- by our Constitution.
We have a republic.
We do not want an oligarchy, nor do we want a democracy.
In a democracy a majority can become mob rule.
If we had a democracy, and the majority of Americans voted not to have churches,
then our churches would have to close.
In a republic we are governed by a Constitution that guarantees our freedom to worship God
the way we please.
The children in our schools are sometimes taught that we have a democracy.
The truth is that which has given to us a land of freedom is the a republic,
which is our United States. ...More

Gossip Is Destructive
Proverbs 18:8

We Will UnderstandIt!
Proverbs 20:24

Building A Home- 24:1-4

How have you furnished your home?
We furnish our homes with all kind of gadgets.
We seem to want our children to have more gadgets than goodness.
Our homes are more open to all kinds of worldly temptations.
Television, videos, music, and the Internet are such sources.
Through these media our homes can be blessed or cursed.
That is why the Scripture teaches, "Do not desire to be with evil men." (24:1).
This refers to what you do outside your home, and to what comes into your home.
You choose how you will furnish your home. ...More

More Like The Master
Proverbs 25

One Day To Live!
Proverbs 27:1

Today's Mother - 31:10

Just what does a mother do all day?
They work their fingers to the bone.
They push their nerves to the brink.
They use every skill they have just to survive the day.
Little things matter to our kids.
They are the things that meet special needs that say, I love you.
But when a mother's time becomes crowded by competing demands, there is no time
for these little things
These little things really make a difference....More

A Godly Mother - 31:10

Godly mothers are difficult to find today.
There are good mothers and there are great mothers.
Yet, there is all the difference in the world between a good mother, a great mother,
and a godly Mother! ...More

A Beauty that Is Not Vain- 31:30

There is a beauty which is not vain, and for this Mother's Day, we would be a healthier and holier
and happier people if more of this inner beauty appeared in all of us.
Let us take time to analyze the beauty that isn't a face, but a feeling.
Let us look at the beauty that is not vain, but which is to be praised.
Such beauty includes a feeling of wholeness. ...More


He Tried It All- 1:1-2

With all that he had and all that he possessed, this mighty king could not and did not find
genuine satisfaction in temporal and earthly material things.
Solomon tried many things hoping to find happiness, peace and contentment.
After trying many things people are trying today, he cried: "Vanity of vanities; all is vanity!" ...More

Find Happiness And Satisfaction - 1:12-2:26

Chasing the Wind - Ecclesiastes 1:1-17

Empty Promises- 2:18-23

But there so many things that people throw ourselves into in order to give our lives meaning.
Though things may be slightly different now, they were basically the same that
Solomon experienced....More

New Beginnings - 3:1

God's Plans - Ecclesiates 3:1-5

Time to Weep...Weep - Ecc. 3:4

Do You Have The Time?- 3:1-8

To make the most of this life, we must understand a few things about life.
In our Scripture passage, we are taught there is a time for every circumstance.
The writer of Ecclesiastes understood life.
He watched people and saw how they reacted to different circumstances.
He is saying that when things happen that we do not understand, it may have been
the right time for them....More

It's Not Fair!

Really Worship
Ecc. 5:1-9

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Song of Solomon

Mind Your Own Business
Song of Solomon 1:6


Walking With God!
Isaiah 2:5

What Is True Worship?
Isaiah 6:1-8

Walking In Darkness
Isaiah 9:2

A Saviour Is Born- 9:6

When we welcome a new-born child into our midst we do so with a mixture of joy and of hope
for the future.
We have great expectations for this new arrival.
What is our response to the birth of Jesus?
It should be a sense of joy and of wonder, but so often we experience a sense of nostalgia
and a desire for simpler times and maybe a fear of the future....More

When Things Go Wrong!
Isaiah 40:27-31

Wait On The Lord- 40:31

Our hope is in God, not in ourselves.
All of our sorrows, all of our problems, and all of our tears can find their resolution in God.
Many of us spend our days applying human solutions to human situations.
We must learn how to wait on the Lord!
Isaiah concludes the chapter by urging the people to wait on the Lord....More

The Eagle Christian- 40:28-31

The prophet is saying that those who yield their lives and surrender their wills to God
shall renew their strength.
They shall mount up with wings as eagles.
God promises that you and I can be eagle Christians.
Look at some of the characteristics of the eagle's life.... More

God Is In Charge!
Isaiah 55:8-9

Your Way or God's Way
Isaiah 55:8-9

Blessing of Serving
Isaiah 58:10-20

Waiting For God
Isaiah 64:4

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