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Matthew -- Mark


The Right Kind of Father- 1:18-25
On this Father's Day let's look at a well known father who had little money.
He had the hands of a working man and had a heart that loved God.
His name is Joseph.
Joseph is almost forgotten in Christian history.
But he was one of the really great fathers in all of history.
If we could walk in Joseph's shoes we would be the kind of fathers who would please God
and the kind our children need. ...

The Name Of Jesus - 1:21
Jesus is the most appropriate name that our Lord could receive.
The Father knowing all about Jesus named Him well.
The Father knew much more about the Lord Jesus Christ than all saints and angels put together,
for "No man knoweth the Son but the Father."
God, the Father, calls Jesus, a Saviour.
Jesus is the Saviour because He saves....

The Heredity of Christ- 2:1f
Jesus' genealogy had a few black spots in it, but Jesus didn't ask His biographers to hide them.
He was not ashamed to make public His human pedigree, and this suggests
that He will never be ashamed of His present or future family tree, which include you and me.
The fact that He did not seek to erase some of the names from His genealogy is proof
that He is not interested in erasing our names from the Book of Life,
just because we are not perfect....

Greatest Fact of History- 2:1-12
Whenever I try to comprehend the simple truth that Christ left heaven for me personally,
I am absolutely astounded.
Why would the God of creation leave His throne and be born in a manger to pursue one
of His creatures?
Why should He leave the glory of heaven to suffer such a horrible death on the cross for me?
Yet the greatest fact of history is that Jesus Christ did exactly that.
He, who had dominion over all powers, subugated Himself to human flesh.
He could have sent an angel, but He came in person that starry Bethlehem night
to claim us for Himself....

What Will You Give?- 2:1-12
The greatest Christmas gift ever given was given by God to us when Jesus was born
in Bethlehem.
Have you given any thought as to what you will give Jesus this Christmas?
Have you included Him on your Christmas list?
If there is anyone who should receive a gift this Christmas, it is Jesus!
What can you give Him?
He owns the universe and all that is in it.
What do you give someone who literally has everything? ...

Visit of The Wise Men - 2:1-12
"When they saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding great joy!"
The star carries significance and joy.
This story inspires us to worship.
Those men of old flung aside their idolatries, and bowed before the living baby Jesus.
This has been going on in the world ever since that day.
The old gods go, and the living Christ rules in the hearts of people.
We open our treasuries and give gifts to the Christ.
This is a motivating story!
The vision of the star compelled the wise men to take a journey....

They Were Wise- 2:4-12
The Bible doesn't tell us how many Wise Men there were.
The Bible doesn't refer to them as kings.
The Bible focuses more upon the gifts they brought than upon them.
They brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh....

Winning Is Not Enough -Repent
Matthew 4:17

Just A Pinch Will Do!
Matthew 5:13

It Is Not An Option
Matthew 6:9-15

One Day At A Time- 6:34
We only get so much time, and when that is finished we cannot get any more.
None of us knows how much we are going to get.
If there is something to be learned, we must learn it now; for the longer we put it off,
the harder it will be to learn it. Do it now! ...

Ask - Seek - Find- 7:7-12
Jesus urges us to ask, seek and knock in spite of the darkness and doubts.
Jesus invites us to grow through commitment and persistence.
What we have lost in our daily routine is a passion for the holy.
As we make our commitments, it is not a matter of "here we go again,"
but rather our effort to rekindle our passion for God.
Jesus challenges us to bring a whole new perspective to faith.
He bids us to ask expecting an answer; to seek anticipating God's will;
to knock confident that the way will be opened to us.
It is this perspective that enables us to say yes to Jesus and to plow through the empty
and dry times in life to experience the power and presence of God. ...

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Quiet Miracles
Matthew 9:1-8

Be of Good Cheer-- 9:2; 9:20

As Jesus Passed BY
Matthew 9:9

Christian, Get Involved- 9:36-37
You ask, "But what can I do for the church?"
We must not waste our lives wishing that we had someone else's work, ability, money, or talents.
Each of us has a place in God's work.
Each of us has a responsibility to learn from God's Word.
Each of us has a work to do in the church.
Start where you are!
Get out of the bleachers!
Stop being a spectator!
Get involved!
God is depending on us to get His work done in the world today.
No one else can fill the place of service that we are called to occupy....

Every Christians Mission
Matthew 10

The Twelve-- 10:2-5

What Do You See?-- 11:7

Cost of Liberty- 11:28-30
In 1776, the colonist were declaring their independence from a tyrannical British government.
They were dedicated to the proposition that "all men are created equal."
These colonist made this pledge: "We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes,
and our sacred honor
These men did not make this pledge, lightly.
They had much to lose.
They were 56 of our finest, well educated, influential, and wealthy.
Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists.
Eleven were merchants.
Nine were farmers and owners of large plantations.
56 men signed the pledge risking everything, and they paid the price. ...

Stressed Out! - 11:28-30
Remember, that feeling stressed does not come from having too much to do, but comes
from our response to our obligations.
Being free from stress comes from knowing our capabilities and limitations.
We must ask God for wisdom so that we can know our limits.
Feeling stressed is the result of being overloaded.
When we exceed our load limit, we can expect a breakdown.
We are stressed, not because we have so much to do, but because we do not know or will not face
our limitations.
We must come to know how much we can carry and then adjust to that load.
We stress ourselves out when we take on more than were able to perform. ...

Survey Wondrous Cross
Matthew 11:28-30

The Unpardonable Sin- 12:31-32
During His earthly ministry Jesus added another element to the matter of salvation
by saying that there is a sin that drives God away from us.
It is a sin that will not be forgiven.
It is absolutely unforgivable!
It is an unpardonable sin!
What is the unpardonable sin? ...

Jesus Is Greater- 12:42
"And Solomon's provision for one day was 30 measures of fine flour; threescore measures of meal;
10 fat oxen; 20 oxen out of the pastures; 100 sheep, beside harts, roebucks, fallowdeer,
and fatted fowl. For He had dominion over all the region..."
But with all the abundance Solomon had; he could not, as Jesus take 5 loaves and 2 small fish
and feed 5,000 hungry men besides women and children.
Solomon could not, as Jesus, change water into wine.
Solomon could not touch his fingers to the eyes of a blind man and say,
"Receive your sight!" But Jesus did!

"The Son of Man hath power on earth to forgive sins."
"Behold, a greater then Solomon is here!"or He had dominion over all the region..
-- From sermon by Dr. R. G. Lee

Analysis of Our Soil
Matthew 13:1-15

Little Things Mean A Lot- 13:31
There are many who have a problem in our churches of confusing size with significance.
They also mistake quantity for quality.
We are so victimized by bigness that we have come to believe that bigness is equivalent
to significance.
We must remind ourselves of the importance of the little things in life. ...

Christ's Great Compassion - 14:14
When He saw the multitude, He had compassion on them and healed their sick.
He is ready to bring healing to those who are sick of soul.
There is no burden so heavy that He cannot lift.
There is no heartache that He cannot heal.
He will have compassion on you in your need if you will allow Him.
I want to you to picture in your mind that great multitude on which Jesus had compassion.
I want to tell you about some who came to Jesus and found help and healing. ..

Drowning in Difficulties-- 14:29

Dealing With Doubt-- 14:22-23

Fools For Christ's Sake-- 14:28-29

You Can Walk On The Water -- 14:28-29

Christ Is Here!-- 14:28-29

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Jesus Builds His Church- 16:18
Jesus is building His church in the world.
He is building something that is indestructible.
He is building something that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against."
What man builds is temporal and will perish.
That which Christ builds is permanent and eter

The Price of A Soul -- Matthew 16:26

Experience The Glory- 17:1-18
Can you imagine what how thrilling it was to see Christ transfigured.
Imagine the excitement of seeing Moses and Elijah!
This was indescribable experience.
But these three were able to do so.
They followed the Lord in a way that we should.
If you desire to have an intense spiritual relationship with Christ
and if you are sick of being a pathetic, powerless Christian then this message is for you....

A Fresh Experience With God -- 17:1-21

Your Influence-- 17:24-27

A New Name
Matthew 19:19

A Mother's Ambition- 20:20-23
"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."
The most important ambition of every mothers should be for their children to become
believers in Jesus,
Then, pray that God's will dominate them all the days of their lives.
When they are in God's care and keeping, they will an abundant life here and life forever.
That should be every Mother's ambition. ...

Deacon Ordination- 20:20-28
In this passage the quality of humility is added to our conception of the word "deacon."
It is not just service, exalted as that ideal may be, but a genuine consciousness that,
in that service, there is to be nothing of self or self-seeking.
The deacon is to serve, and that service is given so naturally that the deacon is unconscious
of the service he renders.
The service flows from the Christ within because He is within.
It is without conscious thought of doing good, but it is an inevitable expression
of the character of love. which Christ Himself had for suffering humanity....

The Withered Fig Tree
Matthew 21:17-20

Murmuring- 21:28-31
Today, there are dangers signals that the expression of gratitude is eroding.
The KJV has a very special word for this condition of life.
It is called, "murmuring." ...More

Don't Bother Me!-- 21:32-32

Wonderful Word Word of God
Matthew 22:29

Greatest Commandment-- 22:34-40

Unfinished Business-- 23:1-12

Are You A Hypocrite? - 23:1-13

Sense of Responsibility-- 24:14-29

Danger of Delay -- Matthew 25:10-12

Use It Or Lose It! -- 25:14-30

Do You Really Care?- 25:35-45
Do you care? Do you really care?
When you do, you may be making a much bigger difference than you could ever realize.
When you do really care for someone, you are really expressing your love to your Saviour,
who expressed His precious love for us on Calvary.
All compassion withheld, is also withheld from Christ. (vs.41-45)
This should make us stop and think.
Having compassion and acting on it, is an evidence of your love for Jesus. ...

Faith Energies -- Matthew 27:20

Our King Is Jesus -- Matthew 27:27-31

Easter Headlines- 27:35
The best news this world has ever heard came from a graveyard just outside Jerusalem.
Out of that cold tomb came the vindicated victor -- the living Lord, Jesus Christ.
He arose!
That day death died!
Demons wept and angels rejoiced.
Prophecies were fulfilled.
Thank God, He lives! ...

Come And See - 28:1-6
That's the message of Easter!
You and I don't need to be afraid of death.
Jesus Christ has already faced it for us.
He took the sting out of death, and He invites us to -- "Come and see"
That is what the angel said to the women who came to that tomb on that first Easter Sunday....

Jesus Lives- 28:1-10
On the third day He rose victorious over death and sin!
He is both Saviour and King!
They couldn't make the tomb strong and secure enough to stop Him rising!
The earthquake and the angel only confirmed that He was already alive from the dead!
The guards and the women were just doing their duty.
They were following the routines set down for them by generations of custom and practice.
But in the course of doing their duty, this great extraordinary event unexpected had
interrupted their routine.
The guards found that they were guarding an empty tomb, and the women found that
their embalming spices were unnecessary!
Jesus is not dead - He has been raised!
What have you been doing this past week in the course of your duty? ...

Here Is Life -- Matthew 28:1-10

The Cross, Then The Glory - 28:1f
Entrusted to us is the good news, the great news, the best news - that Jesus has risen in glory.
But how many of us are so excited about this great news that we can hardly wait to pass it on?
The Good News of the Gospel is not meant for hoarding.
It is meant to be shared!
We must pass it on!
We are to tell others of the risen Lord. ...

Reach Out To Everyone -- Matthew 28:19

Personal Evangelism- 28:20-21
Personal evangelism is the foundation of all our work.
If we don't lead others to know Christ we will have no one to teach in Sunday school.
We will have no increase in our youth, women or men's group.
Our churches will not grow!
If we don't lead others to Christ, we will die! ...

Into All The World - 28:1-20
But nothing in or out of sacred literature can compare with the commandment of our Lord:
"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."
We stand today at our greatest hour of opportunity.
We live at time of world history where the old foundations are crumbling,
and men's hearts are failing them.
What a tremendous hour for the church!
What an hour for missions and evangelism!

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Days of Destiny- 1:1-1
These days of destiny have brought us to the crossroad.
We can either destroy one another or save one another.
Which shall it be? ...

Charting The Course - 1:1-13
Never underestimate what God can do with an insignificant, ordinary person, church, or city.
When you put your life in the hands of God -- watch out!
He might do something special with your life.
He might do something out of the ordinary as He did with an ordinary Nazareth. ...

The Master's Touch-- 1:40

Spend The Day With Jesus - 1:21-39

Importance of Ministry-- 2:2-12

The Parable of the Seed -- 4:26-34

When Jesus Comes --Mark 5:1-20

A Maniac Becomes A Missionary - 5:10-20

Hindering Spirits -- Mark 6:1-6

Reaching People For Christ - 6:34
There are people all around us who need Jesus.
They are next door, down the street, at the next desk, down the hall, and behind the counter.
God is in the people business.
The great passion of the heart of God is to reach people.
The coming of Jesus Christ into human history was for the express purpose of bringing people
to know Him as Lord and Saviour. ...
The church that justifies its reason for existence is concerned for reaching people.
No church can be worthy of its high calling before God if it tries to stay in a private,
undisturbed corner and ignore people. ...

Life Dedicated To God
Mark 8:34-37

About Our Children - 10-13-16
What do children live with in your home?
And just as important, what do they live with in the school.
Our high school principal said, "Your children will be safe here."
They are doing all they can to protect our children.
But the protection does not just apply to their physical safety.
Children must be protected emotionally. ...

Victimized By Bigness-- 12:41-44

Greatly Blessed, Much Required - 12:47f
Much is required of all who have been greatly blessed.
It is amazing that many who stand up so vigorously for their rights fall down so miserably
on their responsibilities.
The Bible always puts the two together -- rights with responsibilities, opportunities
with obligations, and privileges with duties. ...

Why This Waste?- 14:3-9
Today's mothers are educated, active, wide awake women, who dress in the latest fashion,
have stylish hairdos, and hold positions of responsibilities and trust in many different businesses
and professions.
Why should educated, talented, beautiful, capable, and ambitious women be tied down
by motherhood and the monotony of homemaking?
Why should yesterday's school queen become today's household slave?
Why should she give up some of the great crusades of life, and settle for the tedious task
of seeing that baby gets his bottle?
The thing that seems to be waste becomes the most productive task a woman ever does
when she begins to see it as something other than a person to keep her from achieving.
Not speaking idealistically or romantically, but very realistically, what is mother in the home? ...

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