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1 Peter  2 Peter  1 John 2 John  Jude  Revelation

1 Peter

The Church - People of God - 1 Peter 1:2-9

Reasons To Rejoice - 1:3-9

Look at 1 Peter 1: 3-9 and consider "reasons to rejoice."
Here we see that God's people can rejoice because of their new life in Christ.
They can also rejoice because of their living hope and their eternal inheritance.
They can certainly rejoice because of their security in the power of God.
God's people can rejoice because of their new life in Christ.
Verse 6 says, "In this you greatly rejoice." (NIV)
Rejoice in what? ...

Holiness Is Not An Option - 1 Peter 1:16

Doing The Impossible - 1:17

A Heathy Church For A Hurting World- 2:1

A world sick with sin is watching us -- whatever else we should be,
we should never be a source of sin that infects the church of the Living God.
The hope of a sin-sick world dying in their sins lies in the health of the church!
We must strip from our lives those things that hinder.
Every time we break a sinful habit.
Every time we show consideration to those in need.
Every time we show patience and love to an immature Christian.
Every time we react in love to those who wrong us.
We bring honor to God!
We bring health to our church!
We are an example as to how Christians should talk and behave.
We show our friends and family that Christ lives in us. ...

It’s A Good Day
1 Peter3:8-12

Out of Order
1 Peter 3:12-17

Why I am A Christian
1 Peter 3:13

Time For Judgment- 4:17,18 By Vance Havner

Peter says, "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God."
God begins with His own people: judgment, like charity, begins at home.
Much of the blame for world conditions lies at the door of the church.
Our indifference, our neglect, our failure to cry out against iniquity have encouraged the devil.
Unfaithful preachers, modernism, formality, worldliness, unholy living have disgraced the house of God
until He must like the Savior of old, first cleanse the temple. ...

Amazing Grace of God
1 Peter 5:10

2 Peter

Precious Promises
2 Peter 1:1-4

Our All Sufficent Christ
2 Peter 1:3

God's Timetable- 3:8

Some things cannot be done in a hurry, no matter how strong the impulse to achieve instant goals.
There are no shortcuts to success.
Even personal grooming consumes time.
Getting your education may slow you down, but later, you may climb the corporate ladder
more swiftly and surely.
Growing in the Christian life requires time.
It takes time to raise a family. ...

Spiritual Schizophrenia- 3:17-18

Many Christians are suffering from spiritual schizophrenia.
Here is an example of this serious spiritual illness:
People practice one set of beliefs on Sunday and a different one the rest of the week.
They talk about commitment, but compromise is their practice .
Their deeds belie their words.
What a difference it would make if we lived our faith. ...

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1 John

It Is Real!
1 John 1:1-4

It’s About Hate
1 John 2:3-11

Hungry Disciples Needed
1 John 2:6

Love One Another
1 John 3:11-24

Daddy, How Do You Spell Love? - 4:7-16

How do you spell love?
Spelling love is more than a matter of putting four letters of the alphabet together
in a correct sequence.
We spell love as we express it and live it and in the way we fulfill our personal relationships.
In that way love must be the most misspelled word in the vocabulary of our lives.
There is abundant evidence of the disastrous consequences of a misdirected and inadequate love.

2 John

3 John

A Parent's Joy- Verse 4

Parents never want their children suffer needlessly.
And when children turn out right,
words again fail to describe
the joy parents experience.
Instead of tears of grief, tears of inexpressible joy are shed.
When our children succeed in life, it brings parents a sweet satisfaction ....


Here We Stand!- v. 3-4

Salvation should ignite us.
The Greek word for diligence is the word, "spoude".
That gave us the English word for speed.
Jude is saying, "I could hardly wait to talk about salvation."
That was the passion of his heart.
That was the fire in his bones.
That was the obsession of his life.
It must also be ours!
Nothing should excite us more than:
Hearing salvation
Getting salvation
Having salvation, and
Spreading salvation.
Salvation is what we ought to write about, sing about, preach about, talk about, and shout about
because there is nothing in all the world like being saved. ...

Many Clouds -- No Rain!
Jude 12

Dead Things Cannot Grow!
Jude 20

Christian Grow!- v. 20

Growth is God's intention for every Christian.
We must bend or be broken.
God will not tolerate continued interference.
We are not sinless, but we should sin less and less.
It is nature's law.
Nature tells us to grow or it will kill us.
A cantered tree does not send forth new shoots.
When the baby stops growing, it begins to die.
Nature will pick at us until death claims us.
We must grow or decay!
We must advance or regress!
We must live or die! ...

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There Is Hope!- 1:3

How's your relationship with Christ?
Maybe you are having trials and tribulations and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Are playing around with sin?
Have you allowed your love for Christ to die?
Do you feel as though there is nothing to hold on to?
The message of Revelation tells us there is hope!
There is hope in Christ! ...

No More Fear! - 1:17-18

The problem of fear is a problem that affects many lives.
One of the most outstanding disclosures of our stressful, nervous, modern civilization,
is the fact that many people live with fear.
Fear affects all classes of people -- the high and the low, the rich and the poor,
the educated and ignorant, the old and the young.
There is the fear of darkness and of snakes, and of rats.
There is the fear of heights and
Some fear themselves, and others.
Some fear the past, present and the future.
Some fear sickness and growing old and death.
We need to know how to conquer our fears.
The Bible provides that knowledge.
There are two words which stand out like mountain peaks in the Bible.
The words are "Fear not!: ...

Revelation Revealed- 1:1-20

Apart from the symbolism of numbers in Revelation, there are many other figurative language.
Used symbolically are birds, beasts, persons, cities, elements of nature,
weapons, qualities (light,darkness, etc.), and precious stones.
All these are used to picture the triumph of righteousness over evil.
One cannot truly understand Revelation if he ignores this central characteristic.
The message of Revelation can only be revealed to us when we rightly interpret the symbols
as they were known
to those who first received the book of Revelation.
Its meaning for them has the same meaning for us. ...

The Curtain Is Opened- 1:9-20

Revelation opens the curtain and lets us see what is and what will be.
Revelation lets us look into eternity.
In this first chapter we see Jesus ruling in power and glory;
We see Jesus as He really is now.
Revelation means an "unveiling".
Unveiled is the work of Jesus Christ in His church.
In verses 1 thru 8 the curtain is opened that separates the visible realm of this earth
from the invisible realm of heaven. ...

Our Glorious God
Revelation 1:17-18

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Ephesus- 2:1-7

The counsel which Christ gives to the church at Ephesus could be stated in three words
-- remember, repent, return.
Remember your early joy and zest in your love for Christ and His work.
Remember the fervor and enthusiasm of that love.
Repent of the condition of service without love, which you have allowed to creep into your life.
Such a condition is deadly to effective work in the Lord's kingdom.
Return to that original state of service out of a heart of love.
Christ warns that if they do not return to that first state, they are forfeiting their right
to exist as a church.
He warns them that He will remove the candlestick from its place.
The candlestick is the church. (1:20)
the church has no right to exist if it is not going to carry out the purpose for which Christ has for it.
This is a strong warning to any church!...

Repent Or Else!
Revelation 2:1-7, 16

Love Is Gone - 2:1-7

"Do the things you did at first" (Revelation 2:5).
Christ encouraged them to return to the elementary aspects of their discipleship
and reclaim their discipline in following Christ.
It is possible to become so caught up in church work that we fail to do the real work of the church.
We can become so busy doing the things of God that we fail to take time to be with God.
Loving Christ is the key to the recovery of our passion and our power.
This is how we can reclaim our former devotion and effectiveness.
Returning to our first love for Christ will cause us to make more time for Bible study and prayer.
It will propel us to share our faith with those who need Jesus as Saviour.
Our first love will be contagious to others. ...

Smyrna- 2:8-11

Christ combines a pattern of commendation and comfort.
The commendation is partly one from the silence.
He has no complaint to bring against them.
He knows their "tribulation."
This is the word previously discussed which pictures outside pressure which threatens to ruin.
He knows their "poverty."
This is a reflection of the confiscation of property used by Domitian as a means of persecution.
The Christians at Smyrna had lost all their material possessions.
So Christ, who sees and knows all, says: "But you are rich."
True wealth is the enrichment of character, not possession of wealth.
This is truly a rich church....

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Faithfulness Makes A Difference- 2:8-11

Jesus praises the church in Smyrna.
The Church at Smyrna is only one of two churches to whom the risen Christ gives such high praise.
Would our church receive such praise?
Would we be found faithful to our Lord today?
Jesus called upon them to be faithful.
They probably wondered how so few people could make any difference among so many
and with so much opposition.
How could this small church impact a pagan city for God?
Jesus knew what they could do with His power.
He says, "I know your afflictions and your poverty, yet you are rich."
You look about and see the difficulties of being a Christian.
You look at each other and you say, "What can we do? ...

Suffering Saints- 2:8-11

The assurance that the Christians of Smyrna needed is the same assurance that we need today.
Here is the assurance that God knows what we are facing.
In all their distress and all of ours we have the companionship of a living and sympathetic Savior.
He says; "I know thy tribulation."
Then He reminds them that their poverty is not real, because all who belong to Christ
possess true riches.
We have spiritual treasures that no one can take away. ...

Thyatira- 2:8-11

The Lord promises to those who overcome that He will not put upon them
any more spiritual obligations than they already have.
He also promises that they will have no additional duties to special Gnostic revelations. (2:24)
They are to be loyal and what he has already given. (2:25)
He promises to those who overcome will receive authority over the nations.
They will find themselves completely vindicated as Christians before the people
who are now persecuting them.
The picture of their ruling with rods of iron is symbolical of the certainty
of their vindication and triumph with Christ....

Pergamum- 2:12-17

He warns the church to repent of its attitude of leniency and toleration toward the present sinfulness.
If they do not take action to eliminate the evil, the Lord is determined
that He will personally "make war against them" with the sword of His mouth.
Just what action He will take is not indicated.
But He leaves no doubt as to His ability to deal with the situation that has developed.
"He that hath an ear, let him hear..."...

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Sardis- 3:1-6

"I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and thou art dead."
In those few words He voices a tremendous complaint.
In this church there was much outward activity, but no inner spirituality.
This organization was perfected and running smoothly.
An outsider would see this as the ideal church, but there was no life -- no real-life, in the church.
Someone has said that "there are few things better organized than graveyards,
but there is no life there."
This was the condition of the church at Sardis.
They had a reputation of being alive, but the One with perfect knowledge said they were dead. ...

God Slammed The Door!
Revelation 3:7-8

Philadephia- 3:7-13

Only good is spoken about this church.
No condemnation is offered.
The Lord knows of the work of this church and has set before her an open door
which no one can shut.
This church is given the opportunity for full spiritual enjoyment and for service to the Lord.
No one can stop the work of this church if she will take advantage of this open door
to serve the Lord. ...

Laodicea- 3:14-22

The church at Laodicea had everything in it except Christ Jesus.
He was on the outside seeking to come inside.
If anyone would respond to His knocking, He was ready to come in and have fellowship with the church.
He could begin with even one individual whose heart was responsive and who desired Him.
To the one who overcomes the spirit of lethargy and becomes zealous for God,
He promises glory and fellowship.
They will sit down together, even as He and the Father, once he has overcome
the obstacles in his way. ...

Come On Up!
Revelation 11:12

Our God Reigns- 19:6

God holds the world in His hands.
The world may seem to be going to pieces, disintegrating -- well, it had to be integrated
before it could disintegrate.
God has never advocated His creative power.
Science and providence convince us that God's creative power is still at work.
With God working -- something new can happen in the world.
That is what our text means.
Catch the optimism of that possibility.
The redemptive power of God.
God's redemptive power is active in the world. ...

A Great Day Is Coming!
Revelation 20

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